Majors and Minors

Adjunct Major in Geography

Program courses: 211 or 235; 240; 341; and 3 additional geography courses, including 1 unit of research (399).

Related courses: ECON 201, 202; MATH 220-1,2; Stat 210 or equivalent.

Geography is an adjunct major, or 'second major,' which means that students must also complete a major in some other subject.

Minor in Geography

The minor in geography supplements the academic programs of students who major in related social and natural sciences by training them in the theory and method of geographical analysis. In addition to the courses listed below, students choosing to minor in geography must complete MATH 220-1,2 as well as STAT 210 or equivalent.

Minor course requirements (6 units)

211 or 235, 240, 341
3 additional courses approved by the geography program adviser